Some more Notes
Twice he was given a bath (simply dunked him in clean water). He looked like such a sad pathetic creature when all wet, it was quite adorable. After getting wet, we rubbed him down, then we gave him the towel which he slithered on to dry off, and the spent the next hour or so grooming.

When calculating a jump to us, he would bob his head up and down and flick his tail.

He loved getting scratched on the side of his chin, and would stretch to expose as much of the area as possible when we would start rubbing him there.

During a warm period in March we had the balcony door open a bit, and as soon as Buddy was let in the room, he would run over to the door and stick his nose out.

I strongly encourage anyone who finds an orphaned animal to get it to a rehabber. It may seem like great fun to have the baby, indeed it is, but it is also a lot of work, a large commitment and a lot of responsibility. Your inability to travel, to keep things unchewed, and the room you will have to give up to the critter are all things to be considered. It's better if you can leave the work to the professionals, and donate some time (if feasible) and money to them.

Releasing Buddy...


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